Antonella Sangiorgi, Alumna of MBA Part-time Weekend

29 April 2020

Antonella Sangiorgi, Alumna of the Master in Business Administration Part-time Weekend, since January is the new Chief Information Officer of Rekeep, the first group in Italy active in integrated facility management,with more than 27.000 workers all around Europe.

What is your professional career?

Like many colleagues in the sector, I followed the classic steps from analyst to project manager, working in consultancy companies where I carried out the most varied tasks: pre-sales, product and software development, manager of customer groups, technical account manager and portfolio supervision of various projects. In 2009 he began his experience in the information systems departments of Reekep, as team leader of the group companies and then as application manager. In particular, in the last 4 years of this ten-year phase in the company, the conditions for becoming CIO have been created, a role I have held since last November.

Why did you decide to continue your training and how did you choose BBS?

The opportunity to attend the Part-time Weekend MBA was offered by the company, and I took the proposal with great pleasure. My job had brought me to know many aspects related to business organization in the field, but the master helped to systematize skills and allowed me to fill gaps related to account and finance aspects that I rarely experience in my work. For me, the master was an opportunity to put in order what you have in your head, making the skills gained more organic and orderly, also thanks to the continuous exchange with teachers and colleagues from different backgrounds.

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the Executive program?

First of all, I emphasize the high quality of the Faculty, as well as the materials provided, including handouts and bibliographies, valuable resources that remain over time and that I still find myself consulting. The structure of the program provides a high level of in-depth analysis and offers a complete vision of the managerial aspects that one faces when covering roles of a certain level.

How do you feel to advise those who are going to choose BBS?

Council to attend the master after having gained a few years of work experience, to take all the opportunities it offers with greater awareness. The network that allows you to develop goes beyond the hours shared in the classroom and is an excellent platform for exchange and sharing with professionals from different sectors.

Antonella Sangiorgi – Italy

Part-time MBA Weekend – Class 2017/2019


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