Anna Pia Chiarandini, International Executive MBA

5 December 2019

Anna Pia Chiarandini, with a degree in Industrial Design and extensive experience in cosmetics, has decided to return to the classroom to understand the digital transformation through know-how and networks. “For 3 years I was searching a master’s degree in digitalization management and the International Executive MBA program has responded to my needs: to unite management with digital innovation, freeing digital skills from specialized technicalities and putting it in connection with the whole the organization”.

“The second motivation continues Anna Pia Chiarandini – it was the full awareness that the speed of change and innovation in the last 10 years is incomparable to that of the past. Hence the awareness of not being able to live on income from a university education acquired more than 15 years ago”.

The strong points of the iEMBA program

“For me, approaching management with a vision that combines innovation and digital means building the managerial class of the future. Industry 4.0, Digital Infrastructure & Architecture and Big Data & Analytics are the highest added value residentials for the completion of my know-how. Many people talk about it but few really know how they can create a competitive advantage and value. The assignments, real simulations or business-case creations conducted in groups, make the theoretical part certainly more concrete”.

Short and long term goals

“My professional background has been formed in structured and multinational contexts. Now, through iEMBA – continues Anna Pia Chiarandini – different and very attractive scenarios are opening up: innovative start-ups and Italian companies that are approaching digital transformation. The objective will be to bring digital innovation to the center of decisions that concern business and the creation of value for brands, services and consumers”.

Advice for a future student BBS

“Young people do not know what job they will do because it probably does not exist and has not yet been invented. I advise all of them to maintain this open spirit, but at the same time to be supporters of their own destiny. A master like iEMBA provides knowledge, network and lucidity to be an actor of the change.

Anna Pia Chiarandini – Italy

International Executive MBA – Class 2018/2020



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