Anisa Hung, Global MBA Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports

20 September 2021

Anisa, Business Consultant at UniBo.A.T., found in BBS Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports the perfect track to fulfil her desire to “contribute to the industry and change the way people move in the future”. In this article she talks about her path and shares her vision of BBS in general and the GMBA in particular. 

My professional career of ten years spanned across various B2B sectors which included media, corporate finance, tourism and hospitality, as well as mobile communications.

My first job after college was a project coordinator at a financial institution, where my duties were to manage initial public offering projects and assist companies to get listed in the stock exchange market. The two-year tenure was extremely hectic, working in different time zones with clients from all over the world while meeting strict deadlines. When my peers were out meeting on the weekends, I was always caught in the office being yelled at by lawyers and bankers.

After two years, I moved to the media industry where I worked as a business consultant for almost seven years. I was responsible for developing sustainable business event solutions for mega sport event organizers such as Grand Prix, Rugby 7 etc.

My most recent career was in the telecommunications sector, aiding Telco to promote its 5G foundation and services, while bridging the technology companies in the ecosystem. I was honored to work with the most prestigious automobile brands and components manufacturers, for instance, Aston Martin, Porsche, Tata motor, Denso, Geely, etc. for their business transformation. The valuable experience was the first spark of my interest in the automobile industry.

While working with clients from the automobile industry from my last job, I had been fascinated and deeply attracted to cars, especially the autonomous driving technology. One of the most significant projects that I had participated in was the “Self-Driving Bus” powered by both Sensible 4, a Finnish software development company for autonomous vehicles, and MUJI, a Japanese lifestyle retailer. I was captivated by its self-driving technology that could function under any weather conditions. It demonstrated its infinite potential to be an easier and safer means of transportation, not only in urban areas, but also in suburbs and regions that have suffered population decline. With this project, I yearned to be able to contribute to the industry and change the way people move in the future. My goal would be to bring a new level of accessibility to cities of all sizes, creating a new world of autonomous driving that will lead to a cleaner and more sustainable future for humanity.

With my quest to deepen my knowledge in the area, I had set my heart on Italy, which nests the world’s most significant automobile brands in the world. After considering the international university rankings, multicultural diversity on campus and praises from its alumni, I had decided on Bologna Business School at the University of Bologna. Studying the curriculum and industry ties of the Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports Global MBA, I was confident that the program would unlock the countless doors of opportunities in the industry and propel my career in the right direction.

Unlike other MBA programs, BBS offers industry-specific tracks for students to focus on, transforming their passion into valuable knowledge for their future careers. Each track is constructed by scholarly professors and industry leaders, nurturing students in different specialties. Also, with the strong ties between BBS’s career service team and the major companies in the area, the program has an advantage of paving way and further expanding the students’ networks in their desired industries.

Italy has long been the destination for automotive enthusiasts. Coming from a place where the industry is not as thriving, my experience with BBS and its network has been intriguing, and I cannot wait to encounter more.

The Italian lifestyle is also something I found charming, especially when Bologna is known as the best city for students. I was able to meet people from all walks of life, studying and working on projects together, while sipping wines and enjoying a night out on the weekends. These are all irreplaceable memories from my journey in Bologna.


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