Ani Bakhturidze, Global MBA in Food and Wine

22 November 2019

From Georgia to Bologna to follow her passion for the food and wine sector: how the Global MBA in Food and Wine has allowed to Ani Bakhturidze to grow in the sector?


Which path did you choose in your studies and why? What did you want to became, what were you passionate about?

I believe everybody should put themselves a clear goal in life to find what is their passion and try to pursue it. By doing whatever you love, you feel happier and gradually become best at it because any external motivators are not needed the fire is already burning inside you. Food and wine has always been my passion: I love exploring it and appreciate the social connections it creates. After working in hospitality for an international brand for more than 3 years I decided to increase my knowledge of the industry and gain insights of Italian expertise in service and food & beverage. By pursuing my passion, I believe to become able to create professional impact on the industry.

Why you decided to pursue your studies with a Master and how you get to know BBS?

I had exceptional recommendations for BBS from former students and when it came to choosing a business school I already knew where I was heading. I also did some online research which only justified my choice. I believe Italy is the best place to study food and beverage in and out of university. Italian gastro expertise can become an inspiration for new ideas and motivate entrepreneurship. By leading into this direction BBS stands ahead of other options.

What is the most valuable experience you had at BBS?

The Professors from various directions of the food and beverage industry were great inspiration to study and go further in exploring the ideas we discussed. I believe it is extremely important to plant a seed in the right way to get fruitful results. The professors who delivered their knowledge were experienced practitioners and masters in evoking interest and narration. The most remarkable experience was meeting outstanding individuals from all around the globe. Sometimes I was surprised how our thoughts related to those who were raised, lived and worked in another culture and on the other hand there were times I came across wonderful diversities in ideas and attitudes I learned a lot from.

How your career developed after the Master?

Currently, I am heading back to hospitality industry with new skills and knowledge. I think development is driven from cross-cultural experience, especially in the food and beverage sector, so I am planning to work in the international market and later deliver my expertise back to my country.

What would be your advice to a future Global MBA student?

I would say You are in the right place at the right time to uplift your career. I would recommend you to focus on your career paths by having in mind your passion designing a proper direction of where you are heading and sticking to that plan with your daily actions. While doing so, you will be surprised how meaningful opportunities will find you and luck come over on your side”.

Ani Bakhturidze – Georgia

Global MBA in Food and Wine

Class 2018/2019


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