Angelica Poli: “The Global MBA gave me a deeper and wider understanding of the processes in a company.”

10 September 2018

My name is Angelica, I am 24, and I am coming from Rome, Italy. If I may take a few moments of your attention, I would like to briefly introduce myself and share with you how important my year at BBS has been to me.

I have just finished my Global MBA in Innovation Management / Mechanic & Automation and I have started few months ago my internship at Ferrari as Customer Development Intern. I have been working hard to reach this goal, and now I am so proud and happy to have been given the chance to work within the industry I am most passionate about, the automotive sector.

Looking backward I realized how crucial it was, in order to get where I am now, besides having a strong passion and resilience, to attentively plan my decisions. My Global MBA in BBS has proved indeed to be an essential part of this plan. With a background in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication at L. Bocconi University of Milan, a Postgraduate in Hospitality Management at Les Roches Marbella International School, and some experience both in the Luxury Hospitality Industry and in Marketing, I was aware that my profile was particular, a little multicolored. Because of this I couldn’t catch the attention of the recruiters I wanted to attract. So, I decided to challenge myself by entering an MBA Program.

I wanted, indeed, to have the widest and deepest possible overview of all the processes within a company, and an MBA would have offered me the variety of the subjects and the degree of depth I was looking for. I did not want to limit myself with a specialized Master and narrow the focus of my study, since I was eager to understand the bigger picture. Moreover, If I would have been accepted into the Global MBA, being still so young, I was sure I would have had much to grasp, not only from the program itself, but also from the experience of my more senior colleagues.

Once I understood that the MBA would have been the right choice for me, the decision to choose BBS was quite straightforward. Through the Innovation Management track I had the chance to study how innovations are born, how they should be managed in order to have them root and spread, and how to be ready to deal with the change they bring. All this was part of the essential knowledge I needed to better understand, and prepare myself, for the fast pacing industry I aimed to work in: the automotive industry. Moreover, I would have been right at the heart of the Motor Valley, right where I wanted to be. The internationality of the class has also been another very important element I did consider while making my decision. Having the chance to get in touch, to study and to work with people from all around the world, with different cultures, languages, backgrounds, and ages, was a key element of the program offered by BBS.

After a year in BBS I couldn’t be happier, since I am very satisfied with the program. I have learned a lot, discovered new interests, deepen and widen my knowledge and skills, both hard that soft. If I would be asked to tell some highlights of the year, I would mention the many team works that made us collide and agree, by facing difficult times but at the end succeed every time, as a group. Then I would mention my colleagues as each of them has left a trace in me. All of us were in BBS with a common goal and this has encouraged us to work tirelessly and to push forward. Certainly, I would then mention our Professors, for the quality of the classes, their approach to teaching that was never limited to books, for the opportunity of networking they gave us, and their passion, patience and availability.

So, my BBS year has passed by so quickly, in a blink of eye winter was over and we found each other laughing and sharing our future plans during the Reunion 2018. This has been a great opportunity to gather once again all together, before each of us would have ventured into new journeys. I can’t wait for next years, to have the chance to hear their stories and to renovate that sense of belonging to BBS that we all share. I will always be grateful for this BBS experience, and thankful to all my Professors and colleagues.

What I can suggest is simply not to be afraid of making mistakes, those are what allows us to understand who we are and what we want, so to adjust our trajectory and goals. Be ambitious, dream and work hard to make it come true.


Angelica Poli – Italy

Global MBA Innovation Management / Mechanics & Automation – Class of 2017/18


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