Andrea Seguna, Full-time Digital Marketing and Communication Master

2 February 2021

A university degree, a master’s to connect the future with his passions and finally the occasion to get the job of his dreams. It’s not a fairytale, it’s the story of Andrea Seguna, today Paid Search Lead at iProspect in New York, who zeroed in on his goals and found in BBS the right partner to achieve them. Because, as he explains in this interview “BBS provides tools and contributions to enable you to deal with your professional pathway. It’s up to you knowing how to use them at best to create successful opportunities”.

Tell us about your professional career.

In 2015, I had the opportunity – through BBS’s network – to obtain an internship at iProspect, an agency of the Dentsu Aegis Network Group, one of the “Big 6” in advertising. During the internship I worked in different areas of Digital Marketing, among which Paid Search, SEO, Paid Social and Analytics, to then focus, once I was hired, on Paid Search and Paid Social. After about three years in Milan, I was hired by the New York office, where I still work as Paid Search Lead on clients like Luxottica and Estée Lauder.


Why did you decide to resume your education and how did you choose BBS?

When I received my degree in Economics, I was clear in mind about what my passions were, but, like other newly graduates perhaps, I realized my three-year university degree hadn’t given me enough tools and in depth-knowledge to allow me to transform my passion for all things digital into a job. The Digital Marketing and Communication Master’s at BBS turned out to be the most suitable, thanks to the innovative educational offering, to the high-profile partnerships and, last but not least, to the chance of concluding the course directly accessing an internship/work experience.


According to you, what are the Master’s strengths?

The network is undoubtedly the Master’s strength. When I decided to invest in post-grad education, my goal was to join an international company, and for sure the high-level network enabled me to get in contact with one of the most relevant companies in advertising. On top of this, the lectures and workshops entirely held in English, combined with a high percentage of students coming from different countries and having a varied background, made the learning experience very stimulating, giving me the chance to work at different projects in a more innovative and “globalized” way.


Your short- and long-term goals?

In the United States, the digital market is an incredibly fast and cutting-edge market, and New York occupies very high positions when it comes to advertising market rankings. This opens up career and personal growth opportunities. Lately, I’ve developed a strong interest for data analysis, this is why I’m about to start working on a few Analytics and Data Science projects. The huge availability of data that we have today enables us to take important decisions that are data-driven, which until a few years ago was almost unthinkable. To me, this is very fascinating! Therefore, I’d like to develop more skills in this area, also considering the high demand and the opportunities that are there and will be in the near future. Short-term goals: I hope to be able to come back to Italy as soon as possible to see my family, my friends, and finally be able to eat real Italian food.


What would you suggest to a future BBS’s student?

BBS will provide you with interesting tools and contributions to enable you to deal with your professional pathway. It’ll be up to you to use them at best to create successful opportunities for yourself and achieve your professional goals.


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