Andrea Remondi, Master in Wealth Management

22 September 2020

From financial consultant to Investment Manager in a Family Office, through BBS. The project fulfilled by Andrea confirms the value of his most important investment, the one he made in the Wealth Management Master’s at Bologna Business School.

Tell us about your professional career.

After the internship at the Credem Bank General Management Department and after the registration in the Register of Financial Consultants, I had the opportunity of considering different offers both in banking and business consulting. Nonetheless, my desire was to work for a “Family Office”, particularly professionalizing service models in the Wealth Management segment. Also, thanks to BBS Career Service and its Placement activity, I was able to get in contact with GDTRE – Single Family Office: they hired me and now I’m Investment Manager, in the framework of a trust-based relationship with the Ownership, with which I’ve stablished a personal growth plan for the next three-year period. Being the interface of the main asset management structures and of the private bankers, contributed to widening my network of relationships.

Why did you decide to continue your education and how did you choose BBS?

Even before graduating in Business and Economics I had already decided I would specialize in the Wealth & Asset Management sector and also that I would try to gain experience in non-traditional fields. The lucky coincidence was the launch of the first course of “Wealth Management” by BBS exactly when my university courses ended. Two years ago there weren’t that many Business Schools, with a university affiliation, that offered Master’s in this sector, that is perhaps believed to be too much tied to Sales, and, after considering the quality of the educational offer as well, I seized the opportunity. With typical hindsight, I’m aware of the fact that I was in the right place at the right time. It should be added that BBS was very attentive in interpreting the market and understanding the changes that were taking place.

According to you, what are the program’s strengths?

The Wealth Management Master’s was the perfect bridge between theory and practice, exactly what I was looking for to complete my study path. Thanks to the work of the Scientific Director, Prof. Massimiliano Marzo, and the contribution of the most important Italian financial consulting institutes, that also sponsor this course, the Wealth Management Master’s enables you to further study or, for those with a non-economic background, to learn the necessary financial, legal and psychological bases to carry out the profession of consultant or manager and, at the same time, learn how these may be applied to your working life. Additionally, thanks to the network that BBS has created over the years, during the period of the internship, you can immediately put yourself to the test with leading players in the sector, in Italy and Europe.

What are the added values of belonging to the BBS Community?

Besides the sense of belonging, the Alumni Reunion and the possibility to get back in touch with people with whom you shared an important period of your training, I see the BBS Community mainly as a physical and virtual square, where to meet new, inspiring people, for the ideas or the experiences you can share. Thus, soft skills are developed, that enable you to expand your vision of reality and to achieve that concept of “Multiplying Opportunities” that, not by chance, was the title of our 2019 Graduation.

Andrea Remondi, Italy

Master in Wealth Management – Class 2017/2018


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