Andrea Catellani, Master in Business Management – Made in Italy

13 December 2019

Andrea Catellani, a law graduate, has always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Thanks to the Master in Business Management – Made in Italy has enriched his training and had the opportunity to work closely with great professionals in the business world.

I grew up in the family business that was run by my uncle, whose steps I wanted to follow, bringing the creation of my company around the world. For this reason, once I graduated, I thought that I still needed a little piece of my studies. I needed a more specific and practical knowledge, especially in the economic field, and so I decided to do a Master’s degree. I evaluated more offers but in the end I chose the Master in Business Management – Made in Italy because some friends attended it and the feedback was all more than positive.


I have found the strengths of the Master to be able to meet many entrepreneurs and managers and confront them with real cases. Besides, the various project work done throughout the training course allowed me to move from theory to practice, trying to implement concrete and feasible solutions.

I used the  opportunity to work in close contact with great professionals in the business world. I’m passionate about creating a strategy for the development or re-launch of a company, implementing it, and evaluating the results.


In September 2017 I began an internship in Marketing at the Italian headquarters of Deus Ex Machina Italy. After 6 months of internship, I was offered the opportunity to do another 6 months in Australia where the company was born and had its headquarters. Today I am Junior Sales Manager for the EMEA market and I work with other colleagues on the development of the Wholesale market as far as the Apparel part of the company is concerned.


Currently, my goal is to leverage on the professionals with whom I am lucky enough to work to learn the fundamental aspects of managing a company. In the long term, I would like to have the opportunity to actively participate in the turnaround of any companies in crisis to help save the most important thing that companies have: people. Finally, I would like to realize my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, once my shoulders are firm enough.


The advice I would give to a future BBS student is always to be very curious about what is studied and many open with the people who meet during this formative experience.

Andrea Catellani – Italy
Master in Business Management – Made in Italy – Class 2016 / 2017


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