Alessandro Rosati, Part-Time MBA (Weekend), 2020-2022

18 March 2022

Consultant at Arthur D. Little, specializing in projects in the aerospace industry, Alessandro Rosati has chosen to combine design skills with business skills via a path that would allow him to combine training and work, such as the MBA Part-time (Weekend) of Bologna Business School. In this article, he tells us about his journey.

After the university course in Aerospace Engineering at the Politecnico in Turin (Italy), which allowed me to have important educational experiences, including an unforgettable thesis project in Melbourne, I started in 2015 on my professional path. I spent the first three years post-graduation in a Turin-based company operating in the industrial sector, where I came to independently manage end-to-end projects for important organizations in the aerospace and energy sectors. Those three years shaped me a lot, emphasized my sense of responsibility, as well as provided the right foundation and grit to accelerate the trajectory of my professional growth.

In 2018 I joined Leonardo, working in the program management function and managing initiatives related to the development of military helicopters. The complexity of the whole program, the coordination of different business functions as well as the continuous interface with European industrial partners and institutional customers allowed me to grow a lot, both professionally and humanly.

This experience had the merit of opening my eyes to the weaknesses I had in some areas of business, particularly in accounting and finance. Realizing that I would need to bridge those gaps as soon as possible, I enrolled in the MBA Part-time (Weekend) at BBS. I didn’t want to interrupt my work for a full-time course, and it was this aspect, combined with the reputation of Bologna Business School, which made the choice very quick and easy: that course was suited to me. A little over two years after my first classroom lesson, I couldn’t be more satisfied with what I have learned and the results I have achieved. Currently, I work for a leading management and strategic consulting firm, and I realize on a daily basis how solid the foundations provided by the MBA and, above all, by the Faculty professors were.

I would like to give two pieces of advice to all those who are considering an Executive MBA program. The first is that reconciling work and study is undoubtedly tiring, but it’s worth it: don’t hesitate and go for it! The second is that the potential of an Executive MBA is infinite but proportional to the commitment and diligence that you will put into attending it: read and delve into course topics on your own, share your experiences with colleagues, ask them to do the same.

BBS helps students by providing various tools so that value can be derived from the course. The Community is one of these and was created in the spirit of fostering networking between students and former participants in the Masters, allowing the sharing of ideas, experiences, and knowledge. It is one of the distinctive elements of the School and enables all those who cultivate great ambitions to give a strong boost to their growth and change.


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