Agnese Facchini MBA Alumna of the evening Part-time MBA 2018-20

18 December 2020

For Agnese, today Digital Marketing Manager at Doxee, the BBS Community is part of a training and growth path that has far-reaching roots, enlivened by “that unquenchable hunger for vision that makes you raise your head to look beyond the surface of the present”.

 Marketing is in my DNA. Or at least this is what I realized when I stopped and reviewed the journey I’d made.

I believe I’ve explored almost all communication channels of the previous and current professional eras that the pioneers called “new media”.

Journalism in all its forms, television, internal and external corporate communication, coordinated image, advertising, press office, events, trade fairs, copywriting, to finally reach my great passion: digital marketing. And specifically, in this case, so much to study, a great many new features, and technologies, constantly evolving!

I studied in Italy, England, and Canada, discovering different ways of experiencing university and project works. I’ve been partner in an agency and I’ve had a daughter, who taught me even more than the various experiences at university. Then I realized that those gaps in my management knowledge, which I tried to fill just with experience, required a structure, an educational skeleton which I could then complete with muscles and skin, but that I was unable to generate by myself.

Therefore, I looked for an MBA that would enable me to get my training without giving up my job and without neglecting my family life. Hence, I found myself crossing the threshold of Villa Guastavillani for my interview with Mr. Montanari, who X-rayed my CV to finally declare: “You lack T-shaped skills”.

After almost 2 years, I can say my journey at BBS has given me a lot and I’d do it again, because it was thanks to this that I’ve become aware of the direction to follow to develop my career.

I understood better timeframes to be observed, boundaries to push, trains not to miss and proposals to dismiss to prioritize things correctly. This is what happened and is still happening also thanks to the exchange of views I was able to maintain with the faculty and my master’s colleagues and also thanks to the “Buddies” of the courses to take: each and every one an expert with a different professional background, with whom I had, and still have, the opportunity to have a constructive dialogue also on subjects that aren’t strictly study- or work-related.

BBS is still for me a place where to tap into sets of knowledge and where to meet valuable people with whom to share points of views on what happens outside my office walls. Global and local economy, market insights and also advice on companies with which to start new partnerships: these are just few of the valuable topics that can be discussed with other people who chose to continue their education and not to stop that unquenchable hunger for vision that makes you raise your head to look beyond the surface of the present.



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