A Master’s at BBS in the time of Covid: students recall their experience.

29 March 2021

Filippo Calamai, a participant in the Part-time evening Executive MBA tells us how to build a future as an entrepreneur accepting a new challenge: the one of distance learning. 

I enrolled in the Part-time MBA at BBS because I wished to acquire leadership skills and qualities, which are essential for those who like my dream of starting a company and would like to manage it personally. 

Also because of the difficult period connected to the pandemic, which required me to put myself to the test, I decided to start with this new adventure in the most challenging and stimulating way possible, that is with an evening Executive MBA

I’m currently halfway through the pathway, I participated in person in the first 2 modules but today I can say that BBS has managed to ensure excellent educational continuity also when it was no longer possible to attend in person and all teaching activities were shifted online. 

In particular, I must say that the exchange of ideas with my fellow participants, everyone of them with high-level profiles, is helpful and enhancing even remotely, and a reason for continuous learning and exchange of views too, which I believe is indispensable for our professional and human growth during this path. 

Furthermore, what I find extremely helpful is the interaction between teams which every module makes available for the participants, as well as the events that BBS regularly organizes within but also outside the Community, involving special speakers. The testimonies from managers and entrepreneurs are of great interest because you can make use of their words in the short-medium term, besides being very stimulating.

I’d like to conclude by underlining once again that I believe that the processes that ensured the educational continuity were very well-structured, in a highly complicated historical period, giving rise to an altogether positive experience. 

The platform we use is easy to access and to use; the modules and the lectures are recorded and can be accessed even at a later time, therefore they’re helpful when you have to revise the topic that was dealt with.

So, I’m satisfied with this experience and I think it’s still possible to get the most from an Executive MBA at BBS. 


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