A Master’s at BBS in the time of Covid: students recall their experience.

12 April 2021

Gianluca Sardella, Inland Sales Account Manager and participant in the International Executive MBA, is now near the end of a path that saw him, together with his fellow students and all the BBS Community, deal with the shift from attending in person to attending online. This is how it went. 

 A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to further invest in my education; I was looking for an executive MBA, but at the same time I felt the need to delve deeper into the topic of the digital transformation, which I knew was increasingly urgent and important for the market and businesses.

Thanks to these two premises, I came to hear of the International Executive MBA provided by BBS and its program, which could meet both of my targets.

I’m currently a few weeks short of the end of an experience that helped me better understand how to be the protagonist in a path of digital transformation within the company.

Right now, my fellow students and I are busy completing the final project work, a summary of all the experience and knowledge developed during the Master’s. Like it is at the end of a journey, there are excitement and ferment, but it’s also a moment in which it’s almost a spontaneous reaction to look back, at the path covered till now. If I were to assess the last 15 months, I can say I was given the opportunity to grow professionally exchanging ideas and opinions with my colleagues, by now actual friends, who come from different industries and countries. I was able to enhance my approach on work and the company with new perspectives and I have extended my network by getting in contact with professionals from different sectors and multi-faceted backgrounds. 

After the days of attendance in person during which I fully experienced the richness of the exchange of views, we had to deal with the health emergency, which immediately caused restrictions. In a timely fashion, BBS ensured the shift to the online mode of lecture attendance and with the constructive support of the students, they made the necessary changes, investing, and organizing occasions to exchange ideas and to further analyze different topics. In such a complex and delicate period, the launch and consolidation of the BBS Community enabled me to preserve the relationship and network aspects, which I believe are essential when you attend a Master’s, as well as to develop a sense of belonging and sharing which I will keep beyond the end of the educational path.


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