A Dive into the World of Formula 1: Insights from a Visit to Visa Cash App RB F1

6 May 2024

Kinzie Michelle Wilson, a Global MBA student in Supercars, Superbikes, and Motorsports at Bologna Business School, visited Formula 1 Team Visa Cash App RB with her class and the participants of the Global MBA in Design, Fashion, and Luxury Goods. In this interview, we explore the business strategies, team dynamics, and minimalist approach that make Visa Cash App RB stand out in motorsport and design. Wilson shares key lessons learned, impressions of the company’s culture, and the value of immersive industry experiences for MBA students.

What was your overall impression of your visit to Visa Cash App RB? Are there any aspects of the company that particularly impressed you, business strategies or innovations that inspired you, or that you believe could be applied in your professional future?

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Visa Cash App RB. It was a unique experience to see the ins and outs of a Formula 1 team, from the technical to the business sides. The most significant business strategy that I took from the visit, and believe will benefit my future, is to always have a reason for every move made in business.

Did you have the opportunity to interact with Visa Cash App RB team members? What were the main lessons you learned from these interactions?

While visiting, we met and interacted with several team members. They all talked to us about their roles and the importance of teamwork. They also stressed the importance of the team’s thinking, strategizing, and ensuring that every choice they make resonates with their brand and position within F1.

Considering the motorsport industry, what elements of Visa Cash App RB’s management or technology could be decisive for success in this competitive field?

One thing that stood out to me as different from car manufacturing plants is the simplicity and minimalism in Visa Cash App RB. They make only what is needed, which fits their line of work, as Formula 1 teams are always travelling and can only take so much from race to race. In a way, they are forced to be minimalists, which helps them focus more on the job at hand.

How does Visa Cash App RB’s design approach differ from other automotive industry companies you have experienced? What were the highlights of their creative process that you had a chance to observe during your visit?

This answer correlates with the above answer. Production-wise, they do only what is needed, in the best ways possible, because they focus more on one aspect than many.

How important are experiences such as company visits, integral to BBS programs, particularly the Global MBA, in enriching your education?

Company visits are a crucial aspect of enriching education in general. They allow students to get a real-life look into places where they could work in the future. I have been surprised at almost every company visit because I have a picture in my head of how I envision a company; however, when you are at that company’s headquarters, it puts everything into perspective. As we approach the internship aspect of our MBA journey, it is essential to determine whether the companies we visit suit us. One of the best ways to do so is immersion – a company visit.


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