A day with Giuseppe Zanotti: the word to our students

5 February 2020

“The key to creating a successful company? Having the right people around you”: to pronounce these words Giuseppe Zanotti himself, the Italian designer specialized in the creation of high-end footwear, who gave his name to a true empire present in 75 countries of the world with over one hundred single-brand boutiques.

Surrounding yourself with people who share goals and vision, and row in the same direction is at least as important to him as investing in an adequate and modern structure. “What fascinated me most about the fashion designer – says Silviu Tolu, student of the Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods who recently visited, together with his class, the Romagna-based company – was discovering how inspiration can come in unexpected forms and in unpredictable times: you have to be ready to listen and not only listen, see and not only look to absorb information in any context. This is particularly true for creatives, who according to Giuseppe Zanotti must always have paper at hand and pen!”.

Visiting the various departments of the company in San Mauro Pascoli in the company of our students, Zanotti retraced the stages of a career that began almost by chance: “I am a creative man who approached fashion without realizing it. Actually I wanted to be a DJ, but at the time it wasn’t considered a real job, so I started designing shoes … everyone here in this area produces shoes! “.

During the tour our students visited all the production departments: “we discovered that all the parts of every single specimen are assembled by hand, and completed with care and dedication”, tells us the student Anna Bernardin.

Suparna Thakur concludes: “First of all I would like to thank the BBS Global MBA team for organizing this visit; a decisive experience for us to deepen the topics discussed in the classroom. Go through the door of the general quarter of Giuseppe Zanotti student – meant breathing an important piece of the history of Italian fashion in the world Werner Lorenzini, in the company for over 20 years and since 2017 as Out of Season Manager, has made us understand how every pair of shoes that leaves the factory is capable to tell a story. The teaching I brought home? Let your passion be the driving force behind your projects and go far! “.


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