2020 Fall Semester Classes Start

20 September 2020

Bologna Business School is starting the 2020 Fall Semester with additional facilities, more individual space, and new teaching technologies to allow classes in presence, in strict respect of actual safety regulations.

From September 15th we will be “back in class” both at Villa Guastavillani and at BolognaFiere where we transformed the Pavillon 15 into a “state of art” executive education center.

We want to build the future together. Unexpected events need to be taken seriously and managed effectively, keeping people health top of mind. However, we believe that education will contribute to overcome the current circumstances and will enable us to build a more sustainable society where companies, nonprofit organizations and institutions will effectively cooperate. As far as it will be allowed and safe, we will offer learning sessions in presence, offering the opportunity to those who cannot be physically in class to participate remotely. Should we be forced to switch to on-line classes for a short while, we are ready to deliver the best service to everybody, everywhere.

  1. Villa Guastavillani

Our main campus at Villa Guastavillani has been adapted to welcome students in compliance with actual laws and safety protocols.

During the next months, learning sessions will take place in the largest halls (Aula Magna, Grotta and Sala del Fuoco), where we can accommodate a maximum of 107 students simultaneously at a minimum distance of 1.5 mt from each other.

  1. BolognaFiere, Pavillon 15

The Bologna Exhibition Centre covers 375,000 square metres fully wired, air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art IT systems. Flexibility and mobility are ensured by a network of moving walkways and by a system of private carparks. While it is located just at 3 minutes driving from Bologna Downtown, it is the first exhibition centre with its own motorway tollbooth, by providing direct entrance to the venue, thereby avoiding the Bologna ring road. It is connected to the railway station and downtown with regular and efficient public transportation service.

Here, in Pavillon 15, one of the most modern and stunning in this industry, we created an Executive Education Center ready to welcome 370 students simultaneously in full safety. The facility includes:

  • 9,600 sqm dedicated to Bologna Business School
  • 8 class-rooms of different size, fully equipped with state of art learning technologies
  • 11 rooms for break-out teams
  • areas for staff and faculty
  • a central square for keynote speeches and talks
  • 400.000 cube meters of fresh air injected every hour
  • about 25 sqm per person
  • from 1,5 to 2,5 meters of distance between students in each classroom
  1. Prevention and safety throughout the campus

At BBS, we take the issue of safety very seriously, ensuring a friendly environment, and focusing on the quality of life at the campus. Based on the safety protocol, the minimum distance is 1 metre, but we offer a distancing between 1.5 and 2.5 metres to increase the level of protection of our community.

All areas are organized so as to ensure that the distances between people are complied with; the layouts enable keeping verbal and visual contact, encouraging socialization in a safe and controlled context. An internal communication system that covers all facilities has the aim of reminding everybody of the required conducts.

BBS Safety Protocol is constantly updated according to the applicable rules and regulations, with a restrictive approach, the aim being to ensure maximum safety.

The School management is advised by the Covid Committee, including the following experts:

  • Michele Antoniazzi | Chief Human Resource Officer, Ferrari spa
  • Marco Dugato | Full Professor of Administrative Law, University of Bologna
  • Giusella Finocchiaro | Full Professor of Civil Law and Internet Law, University of Bologna
  • Alberto Pizzoferrato | Full Professor of Labour Law, University of Bologna
  • Francesco Violante | Full Professor of Labour Medicine, University of Bologna
  1. Attendance registration in the campus area and temperature measurement

Access to BBS is allowed following a signed access declaration. This is aimed at fostering the tracing of accesses and contacts. In addition, the measurement of body temperature at the entrance will be performed and access will not be granted if said temperature exceeds 37.5C

  1. Facility sanitation and distribution of hand disinfectant gel

All facilities are sanitized daily by certified external companies, in compliance with the recommendations issued by the authorities. After every teaching session, specifically trained staff will sanitize all classroom surfaces.

In addition, hand disinfectant gel is available in communal areas and toilets.

  1. Catering service

The catering service will be provided to those who will ask for it. Only in specific areas, it will be possible to eat food from lunch-boxes.

  1. Continuous and updated information

A new way of experiencing our campus, that will change everybody’s habits. For this, we have established a dedicated information channel , on BBS site, for faculty and alumni, in order to keep them constantly updated on the provisions and news concerning safety in the campus.


  1. What is Covid-19 and what are the precautions to take?

 SARS CoV2 or Covid-19 is a virus of the Coronavirus family and it can cause respiratory diseases, potentially very serious ones. The main symptoms are fever, cough and respiratory difficulties. Prevention is based on using a mask, respecting social distancing and adopting basic hygiene measures, such as often washing your hands, avoiding sharing personal use objects and being careful not to touch your face if you haven’t washed your hands. Throughout the campus, you will find automatic disinfectant gel dispensers. Sanitation is continuous and constant in order to ensure the safest possible environment.

  1. Will lessons resume normally?

 Bologna Business School was the first to bring all teaching activities online, on 27th February. Nonetheless, we at BBS believe that face-to-face classes and interaction at the campus are an integral part of the learning experience. For this reason, we have worked to ensure a safe resumption of the activities on campus, extending the available spaces and adopting an even higher standard, compared to Government issued provisions.

  1. I can’t be present in person at the facilities. Can I continue with online classes?

 BBS guarantees online classes to all those who will not be able to reach our facilities for serious and proven reasons. You will be able to participate in the remote sessions thanks to the technologically advanced tools put in place by Bologna Business School.

We want to be clear and reassure all our students: we put in place the best possible safety conditions. Coming back to Bologna Business School with trust will enable you to enjoy a full and memorable experience, still fully complying with the restrictions imposed by this delicate, historical period.

  1. Before enrolling, I would like to make sure that the campus is safe and that facilities are controlled. Can I come and visit?

 Of course you can! Should you wish to organize a visit to Bologna Business School get in touch with us writing to info@unibo.it or calling the number +39.0512090111


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