Lavinia Turra: 100 % Made in Italy

16 March 2015

Lavinia Turra fascinates the students of Master in Business Management Made in Italy, with the story of a small boutique in Bologna. “I dressed dancers, actresses and artists …”

Her career in fashion is born in a small atelier in the heart of Bologna, where she worked for music videos, television productions, theater and film. She approaches to her work through a long road full of “cohabitation artistic”. “Although I did the “due schools” and I have certificates, but I do not like to be defined as a stylist: I prefer to be considered an artisan. My profession was born and raised with the use of hands, which evaluate, know and deal not only with colors and pencils, but above all the materials of textiles and fabrics, using scissors, needle and thread. “

“I believe that every craftsman with care and passion know that the world of makers has debts with the universe of art”. After some deal with Italian boutiques, Lavinia has gradually expanded her horizon, bringing her to work with a hundred of boutiques worldwide. In 2000 she opened a space in Milan, at Via Cosimo del Fante, a “dwelling meeting with clients.”

In 2007, along with Gabriele Via, she created Like-US, an artistic project about pictures and words. Through a continuous contacts with various artists, she is continueing her exploration beyond the boundaries of various disciplines. “I wish that this research, and this commitment seep between the warp and woof of my new products”.



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