Hera (A): How circular economy became a pillar of the strategy

Andrea Zanoni, Paolo Barbieri December 7, 2020


This is part of a case series. The case illustrates how a major Italian public utility company (Hera Group) adopted sustainability as a key pillar of its strategy. It hi- ghlights the main initiatives and organizational choices that characterized such evolution in the firm’s strategy – showing how they fostered employees’ involve- ment in innovation development.

Target for Teaching

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Organization
  • Circular economy

Target audience and Issues

The case proved to be very effective in MBA classes where it was possible to analyze the growing attention to environmental issues of companies. In particu- lar, it allowed to highlight how specific attention to these issues should no longer be considered a wish but can be included in a strategic plan and managed with economically sustainable policies. Due to the topicality of the problem of envi- ronmental pollution caused by plastic waste and the growing interest in initiatives related to the circular economy, several contributions of classroom participants highlighted the need for greater attention by companies and institutions towards these problems. The possibility of using videos and accessing the Hera website was very useful in fostering the discussion. When case A is used as an introduction to case B, it highlights that innovation can be planned and encouraged with consistent organizational interventions.

This abstract is based on
Hera (A): How circular economy become a pillar of the strategy | Case Study: Reference no. 721-0005-1 | Teaching Note: Reference no. 721-0005-8