[students' journal] Paolo Sassone: “During the Master I have developed a critical and autonomous way of thinking “

October 9, 2017

My name is Paolo Sassone, I am twenty-six years old and I am a student of the Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media. I am currently a Digital Marketing Intern at Bologna Business School.

My academic path in communication and marketing, before the experience at BBS, begins with a degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna, which gave me a first multidisciplinary theoretical training: business communication, political economy, marketing, semiotic analysis, etc. An approach capable of combining different disciplines is important because it provides a good overview and specific analytical-strategic skills, both elements indispensable in the field of communication and marketing. Not surprisingly, the Master I am attending at BBS is based on a multidisciplinary didactic structure.

After graduation, I strongly wanted to acquire more skills and get closer to the business world, so I focused myself towards the search for a business school. I finally chose one of the Full Time BBS Masters, where I found all the elements I felt essential to my professional and personal growth goals, including: up-to-date and English-language courses, a learning method oriented towards the integration into the world of work and the presence of a large international network of partner companies. All this in a globally recognized business school and embedded in a region with a profound entrepreneurial culture and which in fact counts some of the best businesses in the world in several areas. There were all the conditions for an important training experience.

Now, in the final phase of this journey, I can say that the experience in BBS has been very positive, rich in challenging activities that have constantly put me to the test. The program, through master lectures, group projects, real business case analysis, business plan elaborations, provided the tools and flexibility needed to better understand business dynamics and overcome the trials to which the business world submits us constantly.

The advice I would like to give to future students is to make the most of this experience, trying to take advantage of the many opportunities that the school offers and, at the same time, have fun and develop a critical and autonomous thought.


Paolo Sassone – Corigliano Calabro (Cosenza)

Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media - Class 2016/2017


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