Public Speaking


In the professional world there’s an increasing need to be able to manage groups and people.

The foundation of such abilities, that contribute to the creation of authoritative figures and leaders, is the human voice, perceived externally.

Voice and language can convey charisma, lend effectiveness to actions and decisions, and influence collective strategies. The natural physiology and the expressive harmony of our voice coincide with the ability to control and manage external and internal factors in the professional.

The tools and topics of Public Speaking are designed to offer participants the opportunity to grow personally, as the procedures to follow in order to achieve professional and relational goals will be explained. The meetings aim at promoting the natural and technical growth of leadership skills, by working on one’s own voice, the purpose being to harmoniously align the intentions of the individual who is speaking and the listeners’ reception. Recognizing and interpreting values and functions of the vocal output can lead to an authentic leadership, consistent with every context.

The course aims at being an incentive for personal growth, to strengthen communication attitudes, to be listened to with more attention, to be held in higher esteem and stimulate the interest and empathy of our counterparts.

Care, Art and Science of the Voice, between physiology and psychological aspects of the expressive potential, lead the perceptive refinement.

On the one hand, the course is aimed at assessing and effectively advancing one’s own natural tools/behaviors, such as the physiology of the voice, the prosodic articulation, the professional linguistic creativity, the declarative communication; and on the other, it aims at fostering the effective ripening of one’s own personal character originality, of the expression or individual self-confidence.

Marco Galignano

Marco Galignano

Director of Studies

" Voice & Presence helps rediscovering the importance of these topics at an individual level, to understand the value of the vocal sphere as an element of personal development and for a possible evolution of interpersonal communication and leadership. "


The course features 4 days, organized around two full-time day residentials, (Friday and Saturday).

The dates of the lessons are:

  • 19-20 June 2020
  • 10-11 July 2020


Training course and objectives

The course is structured in 3 modules:

  1. Philosophy Speech Act
  2. Verbal Physiology and Embodiment
  3. Leadership Voice

Oratorical and persuasion techniques, with the improvement of language and pronunciation, will be combined with embodiment practices, to refine leadership skills.


  • Learning new strategies to improve one’s own vocal skills, the authentication and authoritative expression of one’s voice
  • Correcting wrong vocal manners and implementing the voice’s phonetic and expressive potentials, with the aim of leading, teaching, promoting, attracting interest
  • Freeing or refining the expressive potential of one’s own voice for Leadership Communication
  • Promoting social, professional and private well-being
  • Improving the mastery of one’s voice, in particular the quality of the phonatory signal and the voices’ stereophonic lift
  • Communication and Presence Empowerment for the leader
  • New Public Speaking strategies
  • Eloquence Skills for Leadership


  • Conoscenze e strategie per migliorare la propria vocalità, nell’indirizzarsi verso l’autenticazione della propria voce e il concepimento della piena naturalezza nel comunicare
  • Aspetti comparativi dello studio del linguaggio, filosofia e realtà della voce
  • Il linguaggio tra dialettica intergenerazionale e culture differenti
  • Le abilità vocali per migliorare la relazione con i collaboratori

  • Qualità del segnale fonatorio e portanza stereofonica della vocalità: potenziamento e protezione della voce
  • Fisiologia e cura della voce
  • Aspetti intellettivi del potenziale espressivo ed emotività della voce
  • Pratiche di embodiment vocale

  • Cos’è la presenza professionale e come è correlata alla nostra voce nella pratica
  • Empowerment qualitativo e fisiologico delle facoltà fonatorie e della persuasione comunicativa
  • Linguaggio, dialettica e creatività
  • Efficacia della leadership attraverso la comunicazione

Learning method

The teaching methodology makes use of the support of an e-learning platform in which materials and exercises will be uploaded for the study and in-depth analysis between the classroom sessions. For lectures, the methodology is interactive and includes theory, practice, exercises and feedback.

The method used encourages practical experimentation; participants will have the opportunity to set up or refine a personal training practice on the field: voice health, prosodic articulation, exhibition communication and relational presence.


Networking takes place between students in the same class, between participants and lecturers, and with students from other courses or previous editions of the same program.


Adele Galetti

Responsabile Leonardo Restauro
Voice & Presence, I edition, class 2019

"It’s a course that should be promoted as necessary in business training to enhance individual professionalism traits. It’s an in-depth psycho-biological work on being voice and relationship, communication and presence. It’s organized around a continuous dynamics of interaction, which turns out to be extremely helpful in order to take on board the notions that are dealt with. No-one is force to do anything, though in the classroom the activities are based on and acted through an empathetic progression of participation, this is the reason why the personal commitment that is required is one of the key elements of learning in an enveloping way, never disturbing the personal temperament: emotion, understanding, realization. The topic is so vast it’d require an in-depth analysis, still 4 days are an excellent burst of creativity"

Federico Mazzoni

Head of Sales and Marketing @ CNA
Voice & Presence, I edition, class 2019

"The course is exciting to say the least! In the classroom you do some real training, with an in- depth action on yourself, it’s psycho-physiological training. It’s an original course, can’t be found anywhere else. It deserves to become a new institutionalized discipline. In the classroom you really work on soft skills, like nobody else does in Italy, combining Science and Art with precision: vocal personality and communicative presence; ear training, physiology, personal well-being and professional effectiveness. The course is intense, rigorous, and great fun, it can contribute to change life in itself and your professional approach. You work on body and mind, tuning the empathetic dimension of existence whilst providing concrete inputs to achieve professional excellence."


Over the years, our partners have been constantly involved in the various activities that make up the structure of our programs. Companies belonging to our network participate in project work and master classes; they actively contribute to introducing guest speakers and organizing company visits. Our partners are our first supporters: they sponsor various scholarships, host internships for students and provide professional opportunities for graduates. The partner companies of Bologna Business School are:

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The registration fee for the program is 2,300 euros (plus VAT) to be paid by the start date of the course.

The fee includes attendance at the program, all study material available through the online platform and access to Bologna Business School services, which include: Alma personal wi-fi account, use of Computer Lab PCs, use of study areas and access to the internal gym.

A large free car park is available in the school park.

Discounts are available:
- for early registrations;
- for Business Network companies;
- for Alma and Profingest Alumni;
- for groups of at least 3 people.


Alumni and companies can check the availability of vouchers at the Interprofessional Fund of reference:

Fondimpresa - for middle managers / middle management
Fondo Dirigenti PMI - for managers of industrial SMEs
Fondirigenti - for managers
Fon.Coop - for cooperative companies







The course is reserved for a maximum of 20 participants.


To register, simply download the registration form and send it by email or fax.


At the end of the course, a participation certificate is issued (upon reaching 80% of classroom hours).
The documents used in the classroom and any further reading or exercises will be uploaded to our platform, whose credentials will be delivered in the classroom.
Should a group of colleagues wish to participate in the program, it is possible to contact the Program Manager to evaluate an ad hoc participation price.
Our short courses do not require a specific course of study. It is important to have a few years of work experience behind you that can help you, inside the classroom, by bringing real cases dealt with and solutions adopted during your work.


Faculty members at Bologna Business School work together offering outstanding teaching standards. An international and interdisciplinary approach is guaranteed by a joint team of distinguished national core professors, adjunct, visiting professors, guest speakers and top managers.

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