500 new managers at the Graduation 2018

July 8, 2018

Graduation 2018 confirms the race towards the international dimension of Bologna Business School, delivering this year the master’s degree to 500 students from all over Italy and the world, who have completed the Full-time University Masters (Italian and International), the Executive Masters or the Global MBA. In the Aula Magna Santa Lucia in Bologna was held, in the presence of distinguished representatives of politics, business and academia, the ceremony that as usual gives way to two days dedicated to the celebration of the commitment of the graduates and the annual meeting of the lively BBS Community.

On stage, Michele Pontecorvo, Vice-President of Ferrarelle and Alumnus of BBS Executive Master in Sales & Marketing, accompanied the audience through the institutional moments and the reflections of the guests.




The unpredictability of the present

Today’s world changes and evolves at a pace that at times makes it difficult to understand it. “We have lived for 70 years between crises and fears, but always with some certainties. Today, we have entered a period characterized by a different problem: the unpredictability.” Romano Prodi, President of the Steering Committee of Bologna Business School, opens the ceremony by interpreting the main transformations we are witnessing today and which are shaping the world in which graduates will find themselves operating in their near future.

According to Romano Prodi, changes and uncertainties do not concern only the global political scene, but also and mainly, the economy. “No one had ever questioned the path of globalization. We criticized it in many ways, but we believed it to be irreversible. For the first time, this year, we are doubting about this too.” But there is a different world at hand, which must be faced with optimism and determination by the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs. “You, dear graduates, will experience impressive changes. What I ask you is to be active, confident, and to give back that precious teaching about openness that Bologna Business School has given to you.”


The legacy of the territory

BBS Alumni are custodians, as well as of the concepts learned during their training, of a special legacy. It is the legacy of the Alma Mater, of a region and a territory capable of generating a dialogue between innovation and tradition, local businesses and the global market, individuals and institutions. “What we have experienced in the Emilian industrial context could be defined as a small economic miracle,” says Alberto Vacchi, President of Confindustria Emilia and IMA Spa, addressing the audience.

According to Vacchi, the theme of the young people and their training is the essential element of the entire growth curve that, fortunately, the industrial context of our territory is experiencing. “To continue in this direction we need figures like you, capable of combining technical skills with the ability to move with agility in global scenarios and to fit into a very particular business tissue, which is that of the Italian medium-sized companies,” he concludes, reaffirming his support and that of the institution he represents to the valuable role played by BBS in the field of management training.


Trust in the future

Bologna Business School is embedded in a territory of strong traditions, but loves with equal strength to look forward. “We are here because we believe in the future,” begins Max Bergami, Dean of Bologna Business School, in his Feed-forward speech, a look at the important results achieved by the School in the past year, but above all, at the ambitious objectives for the future. A future that gradually takes shape from the commitment of BBS for the development of people, businesses and society.

11 Full-time Masters with the new track of the Global MBA Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports, 10 Executive Masters, 3 Corporate Masters and new programs in the field of environmental sustainability and digital technologies, make BBS the center of managerial training on the territory, with a growing weight also on a national and international scale.

To the class of 2018 Dean Bergami addresses a special wish. “Be Masters. Bring the true meaning of work between your colleagues and to the companies you will work in. To be Masters is more than an attitude, it is a way of being. It means to become a point of reference for other people. And it’s the hardest thing for a manager. Inn fact, I think it’s the hardest thing in every job. Give everything you have, because you have the talent and because you are prepared for it. ”




The talent of the rebels

The future belongs to those who do not bow to the common wisdom and keep alive the intellectual humility of always questioning their convictions. Francesca Gino, Professor at Harvard Business School and researcher on decision-making processes and organizational behavior, brings to the Graduation 2018 the experience of her ten-year research on over 200,000 employees of organizations all over the world.

“The rebels are people like you, people full of talent, people who break the rules, but constructively and positively,” she says to the public, standing on the pulpit of Aula Magna Santa Lucia. “Looking at you, I cherish the great hope that, despite the experience you have already acquired, you will continue to look at the world with curiosity and always from different perspectives. I wish you to embrace your talents, constantly ask yourself what remains to be learned and to have the courage to break the rules when they become a limit for you and others.”


The leadership of authenticity

“Whatever interest, field of work you choose, you will be at the center of exciting changes in society, technology and culture. Thanks to your first-rate education, you will be able to make the difference about what will happen around you.” Toni Belloni, Managing Director of LVMH, introduces with these words his Commencement speech.

For over 17 years leading the strategic and operational management of the most important global group in the luxury sector, Belloni emphasizes human values as the basis on which to build a good leadership. “I have always been a relatively insecure person, but I have turned this feature into a point of strength: I prepare myself more carefully, I appreciate the opinion of others more and I do not take myself too seriously. Authenticity is the trait of your character on which you must build.”

According to Belloni, it is essential to know how to listen and build strong human relationships: “Regardless of the path you choose, it will be a formidable journey made together with other people. Not much is achieved by isolation, it is necessary to combine collective intelligence and the diversity of talents. You are a generous generation, I wish you to commit yourself to the best of your ability in the challenge with life. ”


Valeria Rojas Nastrucci, a Venezuelan student of the Global MBA in Innovation Management / Mechanics and Innovation, who today works as a manager in Philip Morris International, represents the voice of the graduates. “In this school there are no limits in terms of culture, interest, or dreams,” she says. The Global MBA was for Valeria a path that has combined academic rigor, passion for Italy and cultural sharing with students from 26 countries. “I hope to see all of you achieve the highest goals and I am sure that in the future I will have the honor to say that I have studied with the CEO of an important international company or with the founder of an innovative startup.”

Graduation 2018 ended with the awarding of diplomas by the Rector Francesco Ubertini. Bologna Business School says goodbye to 500 students and welcomes the same number of Alumni, who will further enrich the School’s Community experience.




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