Italy Full Professor of Business Administration University of Bologna Adjunct
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Andrea Zanoni is Full Professor of Business Administration at the University of Bologna. He is interested in procurement policies and supply chain management. He was Department Director and President of the Degree Course. He founded and directed the CIEG - Centre of studies of the economic and Engineering Management. He has contributed to the foundation and launch of Profingest, now integrated in Bologna Business School. He is a member of AIDEA (Italian Academy of Business Administration) and AiIG (Italian Association of Management Engineering) for which he was president. He has experience as a consultant to public and private organizations and as a director in Technogym, Centro Ceramico, and Econag.


CORE COURSE - The process of creating value in an operating system. The definition of the structural characteristics of an operations system. The expanded production system and company boundary setting. Vertical integration and decentralization.The management of flows of materials, stocks, and warehouses. Procurement processes for productive activities. The politics of supplying and the coordination of the supply system. Partnerships with vendors and networks of vendors. The internationalization of manufacturing.The role of the operations system within the company's strategy.

CORE COURSE - The course presents the characteristics of operations system and the main interactions between choices of planning and production structure. The most recent methodologies in terms of cost reduction, quality, and reliability are analyzed, together with the role of providers in the innovation process. Focus is placed on lean manufacturing, demonstrating how the approach, which began in production, is now relevant to the entire company, giving rise to the lean organization.

The course focuses on issues related to the management of materials along the supply chain, from suppliers to distribution channels. In this regard, they have a vital role. Managerial and organizational decisions made about the relationships with external companies with which we relate to, are the focal point of the course. In analyzing the vertical relationships between firms, the course seeks to develop: sensitivity to the Strategic Importance of the reports, the technical and managerial knowledge needed to deal with the decisions in the matter and organizational skills needed to manage them.