Austria CEO Loipersdorf Thermal Core Faculty
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Wolfang Wieser is a Sales and Marketing expert with more than 25 years of experience. Until recently, he worked within the fast-moving consumer goods industry, having worked for 15 years as CEO of Bahlsen, a major German company with a product line of biscuits that is very dominant in Italy and around southern Europe. While Austrian, he is fluent in Italian and has a special relationship with Bologna, as he managed Bahlsen’s Italy branch here and also obtained a Master in HR at Profingest in 2004. Since 2010 he switched sectors and is now CEO of the Loipersdorf Thermal Spa in Austria, consisting of two spas, five hotels and one hundred associated accommodation structures. As of 2017 he joined BBS and co-teaches the courses in Business and Trade Marketing.


The strategic importance of all the customers; customer satisfaction; the value concept; to understand the value; the market sensing; to understand companies in their role as customer; market strategy. Introduction to general trade marketing principles; strategies and terminology. Overview of FMCG market; mass market sales channels; new media for retail marketing applications. Introduction to the main retailing mix tools. Practical introduction to trade marketing strategies; customer planning; cluster analysis; major clients action plans.