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Davide Rossi is Researcher at the University of Bologna, where he teaches Software Engineering, Software Engineering services – oriented and Business Process Management. He has published more than fifty articles in journals and acts of international conferences. He committed himself /dedicated himself to the scientific organization of ACM conferences on web technologies topics, of the Enterprise Architecture and the Business Process Management. He is Scientific Supervisor of two innovative start-up funded by Regione Emilia Romagna and based on the European Funding programs which support the regions development.


The course objective is to learn how IT infrastructures can support the needs of the business in an efficient, effective and flexible way.

Software architectures represent the fundamental choices that are made when designing a software system, we will analyze how these choices can influence the capabilities that the IT offers to the business in terms of capacity, flexibility, security.

We will also discuss the technological choices of known firms to better understand how they pursue their business objectives.

A brief list of the topics covered by the lectures include: evolution of enterprise applications, from siloed applications to services; layered architectures and tiered platforms; architectural styles; web and mobile applications; vertical and horizontal scalability; cloud computing, virtualization and containers; technology stacks.