Full Professor in Industrial Logistics University of Bologna Core Faculty
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He graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. in “Production systems and industrial plants”. After working for a few years in the production department of a multinational corporation in the wood sector, he started his academic career. He's Tenured Professor of mechanical industrial plants at the Engineering School of the University of Bologna, where he teaches Industrial Logistics and Production systems maintenance. Since 2013 he's the coordinator of the Study Course in Management Engineering at the Engineering School. Since 2010 is a member of the Board of Directors of the foundation Istituto per i Trasporti e della Logistica (ITL, institute for Transports and Logistics) of the region Emilia Romagna. He carries out his applied research activities in the field of design and management of industrial plants, industrial logistics, humanitarian logistics, reliability of complex systems and maintenance of production systems. He's coordinated, and still does, several research contracts in collaboration with private businesses (with a particular attention to the automotive, automatic machines, healthcare and logistics sectors), public companies, national and international research authorities. He's written over 150 scientific publications, nationally and internationally, on the following themes: design and management of complex production systems, supply chain, industrial logistics and maintenance of industrial plants.


The course focuses on issues related to the management of materials along the supply chain, from suppliers to distribution channels. In this regard, they have a vital role. Managerial and organizational decisions made about the relationships with external companies with which we relate to, are the focal point of the course. In analyzing the vertical relationships between firms, the course seeks to develop: sensitivity to the Strategic Importance of the reports, the technical and managerial knowledge needed to deal with the decisions in the matter and organizational skills needed to manage them.