Italy Adjunct Professor of B2B Marketing and Management Consultant University of Bologna Adjunct
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Alessandro Lelli is Adjunct Professor of B2B Marketing at the University of Bologna and Management Consultant in Strategy and Business Organization. Previously he was Head of the Business Organization and Methods Office; Technical Plant Director; Head of R & D and General Manager of the Business Unit at Philips SpA, General Manager of Aenta Group and Partner of Emmeci Group, which has offices in Italy, France, USA, China and Singapore. He has been appointed Chairman and Chief Executive of the Group. He obtained his degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bologna and fhas acted as a consultant for several Italian companies in the area of Business Strategy, Business Organization and Management support.


The strategic importance of all the customers; customer satisfaction; the value concept; to understand the value; the market sensing; to understand companies in their role as customer; market strategy. Introduction to general trade marketing principles; strategies and terminology. Overview of FMCG market; mass market sales channels; new media for retail marketing applications. Introduction to the main retailing mix tools. Practical introduction to trade marketing strategies; customer planning; cluster analysis; major clients action plans.