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CORE COURSE - Guiding people, directing them towards important objectives requires many skills. Two are essential: communication and creativity. This course is intended to provide insights and practical tools for developing innovative and effective behaviors. Topics that will be examined are linked to the mental processes which either favour or block communication and creativity. Viewpoints from worlds other than management will also be provided, in order to achieve a stimulating and creative approach to team management and the business world.

COURSE - The course provides the essential tools for the management of work groups and for personal development. In the cooperative just like in the contemporary world, there is an increasing need to develop widespread collective leadership combining the need to decide with the need to listen; the necessity to express the persons’ potential with that of mediating between various other needs. The world today needs more people capable of expressing themselves while being able to stay together. This course aims to provide the basic tools to achieve these objectives.

WORKSHOP - Constructing a team is an important activity in the business world today. No one should think they can perform their best work alone or by merely minding their own role. The goal of this course is to provide guidelines and let participants gain experiences that allow them to learn how to interact with others in a constructive and creative way, reducing friction, annoyance and misunderstanding

The team building experience as a training tool to enhance the relationship and trust for the purpose of good teamwork. The course contents analyze how people and groups interact within a company. The aim is to develop knowledge and tools to manage people in the workplace, in terms of quality such as good and psychological well-being.