Italy Full Professor of Corporate Communication Core Faculty
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Celestino Ferrari is a Lecturer of Corporate Communication. He has worked as a business consultant in integrated communication and communication marketing for several years: with ceramics, both as consumer goods and in directing the marketing and communication of Mandarina Duck. He has authored articles on corporate communication and he has worked with cross-marketing and communication as well as research and studies on "high touch" communication, multisensory and emotional, guerrilla and viral marketing over the past years. He is a journalist and publicist working with the Ferpi-Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana.


The aim of the course is to understand how communication can be linked to the strategic objectives of the company. The course will tackle the themes of public relations, corporate communications, advertising and internal communication. Provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the operating modalities of professionals in the sector, the techniques used and the objectives assigned to the communication functions inside a company.

From the operational areas of corporate communication (image and positioning, public relations, advertising, promotion and internal communication) to the corporate communication plan (structure, methodology, applications and practice). Introduction to unconventional communication scenarios: guerrilla, viral, multisensory and emotional marketing.