di Felice

IT Professor University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Marco Di Felice is a Researcher at the Department of IT Sciences, University of Bologna. In 2008 he has received his Ph.D. in IT studies, from the University of Bologna. He has been visiting researcher at the Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA and visiting researcher at the Northeastern University, USA. Marco Di Felice has published over 60 articles on journals and international conference proceedings in the field of analysis, modelling and design of wireless systems and networks. Furthermore, he has taken part in several international conferences as Co-Publication Chair and Program Co-Chair. He has also participated in many projects such as PRIN 2006 NADIR, PRIN 2009 STEM-NET, ARTEMIS Internet of Energy (IoE) for Electric Vehicle. His research activity revolves around aspects of analysis, design and modelling of networks and wireless and mobile architectures (specifically:Cognitive Radio Networks, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks). In particular, he deals with issues of spectrum allocation and access to the radio channel in distributed environments, protocol design (from MAC level to transport level), multi-hop communication, Machine-to-Machine (M2), routing and system simulation. Furthermore, his research interests comprise issues concerning the development of Android platform-based context-aware applications and services, and the integration of such applications with networks of sensors in smart-homes and ambient intelligence contexts.