Marketing and Management Consultant Google Adjunct
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Luigi Delfino is a marketing and management consultant. He is an expert of digital marketing, web analytics, data activation, platforms integration and user experience. He has been in Google since 2011. He was a strategic consultant for 3 years at a global management consulting firm.


The high volume of interrupting messages people are receiving daily (and nightly) makes extremely difficult to win consumer attention today more than in the past. For this reason brands need to communicate values, services and products they want to promote in the right moment and device people want and need, providing a real and tangible benefit to them. Technologies, today gives us this opportunity. A modern successful campaign is built not only on creativity and execution, but also on data, software and real-time operations that guarantee effective media buying and message customization. The course has the goal to highlight the key elements to design, create, manage and measure successful digital advertising campaigns.