Dal Fiore

Dal Fiore
Italy Social Scientist and Consultant Senior Social Scientist and Business Consultant Adjunct
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Dr. Filippo Dal Fiore holds a PhD in Economics from the Free University of Amsterdam and teaches at the Master’s and MBA level at the University of Bologna. After working for 10 years in the field of technological innovation - predominantly running applied research projects and a spin-off venture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Filippo realized the need for a deeper exploration of issues of ethical business and mindful leadership. Today these two topics are the subject of his teachings at the University of Bologna and consulting at the Great Place To Work Institute. Filippo’s major intellectual challenge is related to inter-disciplinarity, specifically on how to de-ideologize social sciences and use common sense for social scientific research. In this respect, Filippo has always tried to beat the path of a polymath, taking on different research topics, balancing research with practice, experimenting new pedagogical approaches.


What are smart cities and why are they important? How can cities become smarter through the application of new information technologies or trasportation systems? What innovative services, policies and behaviors distinguish them? How can companies contribute to smart cities in a successful and socially responsible way?

This course provides a multi-disciplinary analysis of the smart city phenomenon. By giving priority to the point of view of urban decision makers, the course is an opportunity for MBA students to enrich their business expertise through a broader societal perspective. The course explores such topics as green mobility, big and open data analytics, shared economy, public-private partnerships, inclusive capitalism.