Italy Full Professor of Computer Science University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Antonio Corradi is Full Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bologna. He deals with operating systems and parallel and concurrent programming, mobile agent systems, distributed infrastructure for the support of multimedia streams with quality of service, support infrastructure for security of dynamic and global systems, models and technologies for dynamic environments in scenarios of ad-hoc networks, services and applications with high accessibility systems for heterogeneous mobile and cloud computing and architecture and resource management for cloud. He is part of the steering committee of ISCC (International Symposium on Computers and Communications), a member of ISEE, ACM and AICA. He worked as an Assistant Director for the DEIS and is head of the Faculty of Engineering’s Erasmus program since 2011. Previously he was President of TABOO (Italian Association for the Dissemination of Object-Oriented Technologies), Director of the Centre for Engineering Calculation, Director of the Section of Bologna CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) He has participated in several international projects in collaboration with universities and industries in the European Community. He obtained his degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bologna and has also obtained a Master’s of Engineering from Cornell University.