Full Professor of Design of the industrial product University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Expert in innovation driven by design for companies, organizations and governments. Deals with the design process, founded and coordinates since 2008 the network of the Latin design process and wrote the Turin Charter of design processes. In 2010 he founded and coordinated the research Unit in Advanced Design at Milan Polytechnic. Former professor of design at the Politecnico di Milano, where he co-founded and directed the first Italian university department of Design (INDIGO) and POLI.Design first research consortium and continuing education of the university in Milan. Former professor of design at the Politecnico of Turin where he coordinated the study course in Graphic and Virtual Design and has done since 2006, the Pro-rector function. Work of international innovation dissemination activities. He is currently acting president of the School of Engineering and Archiettura and coordinator of the course in Product and Industrial Design Master's Degree in Advanced Design at the University of Bologna.


The course deals with the processes linked to anticipation and futures sciences in the project and business. In particular, the processes and tools used in advanced design as innovation method will be investigated: perfect futures, shelf innovation, extreme design, problem finding.

FOCUS SESSION - The focus session introduces the cultures of design in the innovation processes of the product system and teaches you how to apply them through mediation by the designer. It will be discussed the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation and Design Skills in particular: principles of Advanced Design, modeling of reality, anticipation and project.

We will get to discover the meaning of design thinking, understanding the relationship between rule and emotion in the product, process, use definition of goods and services. The module focuses mainly on the following topics: the design of the goods form; structural characteristics of 'Made in Italy'; the body as project raw material; gamification processes; innovation design-driven approaches (drivers, tools, case histories); design management and design direction; human centered design. 

The activity is based on the analysis of real case studies whose innovation dynamics will be investigated, in terms of their use, problems and the value created. Using these examples, participants will be invited to solve new cases concerning real organizations with the aim of proposing a convincing solution as for an innovation project.