Head of Digital Channels and Business Development Western Union Adjunct
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Davide Caramico is Head of Digital Channels and Business Development at Western Union for Italian Market. He currently on charge of Digital Channels (Web and Apps) and Key Account Management (Banking and Retail sector). He has a multiyear experience in Business Development in digital context gained among several companies and in different geographic areas.


Today consumers use to buy and get services immediately when they want and need them. Enabling online transactions and mobile transactions is not only a way to monetise and get more customers, but also a real and tangible benefit for people that does not want to lose time in traditional way of payment. A modern payment system unlocks the opportunity of new business models like subscription based services, automatic restock, account sharing and so no. A key aspect of payment services is security, not only related to monetary transactions safety, but also for anti fraud management processes and privacy of historical purchases that can be a very powerful and risky way to profile customers. The purpose of this course is to present basic knowledge of online monetary transactions and security of digital ecosystems.