Management Consultant and Adjunct Professor University of Bologna Adjunct
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Antonio Benzi has a degree in Electronic Engineering. He's Operations Advisor, Adjunct Professor of the Economics, Management and Statistics School of the University of Bologna and he teaches Digital Transformation at Bologna Business School. He's currently Partner Consultant at Key Project, after a remarkable corporate and entrepreneurial experience, mainly in the automotive industry. Over the past few years, dealing with projects to re-design and improve performances in different industrial sectors, both in Italy and abroad, Benzi is now specialized in the following areas: Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Product Development and IT Systems.


The fundamentals of IT systems for companies. Database design. Mentions on semi-structured data and XML. Lifecycle, costs and the main software development methodologies. BPM notation to describe company processes. IT investment evaluation criteria. Technological development trends. Enterprise Research Planning, Customer Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management systems. Data analysis instruments: Data Warehousing and Data Mining. Business Intelligence and Business Analytics limitations.