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Francesco Auregli is HR Corporate Director for Reflex and Allen and National Advisor for AIDP He works with business administration, change management and human resources. He has been Human Resources and Organization Development Director and Public Relations and Communication Director of Guglielmo Marconi Airport in Bologna as well as Director of the Board for Aviogrill, a food and beverages company owned by Autogrill. He graduated in Law at the University of Bologna.


Salary. Elements of the general ledger for the management of personnel. The accounts of the staff. The balance sheet and the recognition of the cost of personnel. The recognition in the financial statements and the tax aspects of personnel management. The tools of business planning and personnel costs. The instruments of corporate control and the cost of personnel. The different forms of fixed and variable remuneration and the main benefits that companies will need to provide incentives for employees. How to design profitable systems adapted to the different profiles of the companies; analysis of the main elements of the remuneration by verifying the internal consistency and external competitiveness of the salary itself. The planning of base salary levels, refocusing the structure of compensation programs. The design of the variable part of the salary through the identification of areas for improvement of such compensation and other remuneration linked to performance shares. The design / revision of the package of benefits and the analysis of the application of the individual benefits to different profile