How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Marketing

26 June 2024

Artificial intelligence is significantly revolutionizing the world of marketing, transforming how companies reach and interact with their customers. With the ability to process large amounts of data and analyze complex patterns, AI enables companies to make informed decisions and personalize their marketing strategies in real-time.

Today’s decision-making process in marketing is based on the integration between humans and machines: while AI can perform repetitive tasks and efficiently analyze massive datasets, human intuition and creativity are still essential for interpreting machine-generated results and translating them into strategies.

One of the main innovations brought by AI to marketing is the speed of data analysis. Before the advent of artificial intelligence, companies had to rely on analyses and decision-making processes based on limited samples. Today, it is possible to study millions of data points in real-time to gain insights into consumer behaviour, enabling more effective and timely personalization of marketing strategies.

The evolution of information technology enables more precise and personalized interactions: thanks to predictive analytics and machine learning, it is possible to identify targeted customer segments and offer content tailored to individual consumer preferences, increasing engagement and participation.

In addition to the now-usual automation processes that AI enables – such as sending emails, creating ads and managing social media – the application of these technologies to marketing has paved the way for a completely new approach that represents perhaps the most fascinating frontier of the sector today: predictive marketing.

Predictive marketing is the strategic use of existing customer data sets to identify behaviour patterns and clusters, effectively anticipating future consumer desires and sales trends.

Personalization and prediction are the two most cutting-edge areas in the world of marketing driven by the AI revolution.

Bologna Business School was founded on these two parallel lines: business (marketing) and technology (artificial intelligence). The convergence of these two paths in a series of innovative study programs is a natural consequence.

The Master in Digital Marketing and Communication, a full-time 12-month program taught in English, is an example of how BBS integrates new technological frontiers into traditional business topics, providing a study path that responds to market demands: a guaranteed entry into the business world

The Master in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management, a full-time 12-month program in English language, brings digital innovation directly into business management, focusing on new technologies and their influence on decision-making processes.

The 12-month, full-time, Master in Marketing Management, track Data Marketing and Analytics, in English, explores digital culture and its implications on the marketing world, combining analytics and creativity with the study of data-driven dynamics.

Bologna, home to the Leonardo supercomputer and CINECA, an inter-university consortium and major supercomputing centre for international scientific research, is the ideal city to start a challenging study program that combines classical theories and technological advances, preparing students to become leaders in the business world.


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