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Sara Valentini is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Bologna (UniBo). She was Dean for Alumni at Bologna Business School. She has been invited as a guest professor at Amsterdam Business School (NL). She served as elected Italian Representative of the Executive Board – European Marketing Academy (EMAC) with a three years mandate. She co-chairs the track “Methods, Modelling & Marketing Analytics” for the EMAC annual conference and the yearly international doctoral colloquium sponsored by the Italian Marketing Academy (SIM). Her area of expertise is in the measurement and analysis of marketing effectiveness and customer profitability, especially in the fields of multichannel marketing and customer relationship management. The common thread running through her works is the evaluation of the impact of marketing actions along different stages of the customer journey. She has additional expertise in customer satisfaction and service recovery Her research has been awarded in national and international conferences (i.e., Best paper award – EMAC, QUIS, SIM), competitions (i.e., Marketing Science Institute – Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative), and journals (i.e., Davidson award for the best paper published in the Journal of Retailing – second place). Sara’s research has appeared in Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Retailing, Marketing Letters, Psychology & Marketing, MIT press. She holds a degree cum laude in Statistics and a Ph.D. in General Management. She was visiting scholar at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College (USA).


Introduction to marketing research: descriptive analysis. Utilizing probability and hypothesis in marketing research. Design and technical development finalized for collecting primary data. Data analysis: regression. Segmentation and clustering techniques. Perceptual maps and positioning.


Gestione d’Impresa – Made in Italy
Gestione d’Impresa – Food & Wine
Gestione d’Impresa – Retail Management and E-Commerce
Business Management – Asian Markets
Gestione d’Impresa – Green Management and Sustainable Businesses
Business Management – Tourism, Heritage and Events
Business Management – Life Science and MedTech
Gestione d’Impresa – Social and Cooperative Business

The goal of this course is to set the basis and prepare the audience for this class to be effective leaders in a business landscape that involves data and analytics in different areas of management. The course will introduce a broad range of mathematical and statistical methods that are used to solve data problems. Participants will gain hands-on practice gathering and analyzing data sets and cases in dedicated lab sessions. The course is organized in three sub-sessions to set the bases of analytics into different key business areas: accounting, finance, and statistics for marketing. In the end, the student will have gain greater analytical and statistical skills for data analysis in the areas of cost management, financial analysis, and marketing analytics, and will be ready to face advance courses in each discipline. cs.

Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
Food and Wine
Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports
Automation and Robotics
Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses

CORE COURSE – The course provides participants with concepts and techniques to analyse the reference market. In particular, the course delves into the customer’s decision-making process, highlighting the reasons underlying the purchase decision, the development of decision-making attitudes and rules. Furthermore, the course aims at familiarizing participants with logics, methods and techniques at the basis of the development of a market research process. Marketing research provides for the development of questions that are relevant from a managerial viewpoint, for the collection and analysis of data and their interpretation. Statistical tools will be used in order to study and better understand the phenomena that are analysed and to provide a support to managers’ decisions. The curse aims at fostering the acquisition of the logics and mechanisms underlying the carrying out of a rigorous marketing research with the final objective of allowing participants to become “smart” buyers and users of market research activities and marketing studies.

L’obiettivo del corso è di introdurre gli studenti alle attività, decisioni e strategie usate dai professionisti del marketing per raccogliere le informazioni e utilizzare strumenti statistici. Il corso offre un’introduzione approfondita alle ricerche di mercato e affronta i concetti chiave, processi, tecniche e applicazioni. Oltre a una overview sulle ricerche di mercato, il corso comprende il research design e i metodi quantitativi utilizzati per l’analisi e l’utilizzo operativo di dati di mercato.

FOCUS SESSION – Until recently, it would have taken a long time and a few million dollar mainframe would have been necessary to analyze a “mountain” of data (Small or Medium Data). Today, using a simple algorithm, that same information can be processed in a few hours. In recent years, big data and business intelligence have become increasingly important, in both the academic and economic communities. The aim of the course is to highlight the connection between big data and business intelligence, and the way in which this relationship affects the companies’ business model, with a specific focus on real business cases.

Sales and Marketing

INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS – Companies around the world face fundamental changes in the way they communicate. New digital channels are used by customers to search for information on brands, products and services. This new digital world represents a great opportunity for companies that wish to expand their customer base and profitability. New media also contribute to giving consumers more opportunities for interaction with companies and organizations. This course gives an overview of how marketing has changed thanks to new media. Furthermore, as social media and digital channels are strongly data driven, the new monitoring metrics will be discussed.

Executive MBA