Associate Professor of Marketing University of Bristol Visiting Faculty


Eleonora Pantano is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at University of Bristol (UK). She held Ph.D. in “Psychology of Programming and Artificial Intelligence”, M.Eng. in Management, and PG Cert in Higher Education . She is also fellow of the Academy of Higher Education.
Her research activities mainly relate to design of new customers solutions in retail industry, success factors of innovation and technology management in retail and tourism industry, and big data in marketing intelligence.
Her findings appear in books (Internet Retailing, Technology and Innovation for Marketing, Smart Retailing: technologies and strategies) and numerous international journals.
She has always been curios about the world and the phenomena related to human dynamics in retail context, and feels lucky since her passion has become her work!


The purpose of this course is to explore the strategies that companies can adopt in order to establish, nurture and maintain a relationship with the customer by using all the available (”omni”) channels, selecting the most appropriate channel for each customer or customer segment and integrating the activities performed across all the touchpoints.

Marketing Management