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Italy Full Professor of Business Administration University of Ferrara Visiting
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Giovani Masino is a Full Professor of Business Administration at the University of Ferrara. He is Co-Director of CREIC, Center of Research for the Economics of Innovation and Knowledge, University of Ferrara.
He is focus is on research related to organizational change, the relationship between organization and technology and the organization of work, on which he has published numerous articles and books. He has participated in various national and international research projects.
He has obtained a doctorate in the research of Business Management at the University of Bologna and throughout his doctoral studies acted as Visiting Scholar at the University of North Carolina and the University of Tolouse.


The main theories of the relationship between technological and organizational change. New technologies and decision making. The new technologies, forms of interdependencies and coordination. The change of skills. Technological dynamics and transformation of work processes. The computerized management of knowledge. Organizational communication through technology.

HR & Organization

CORE COURSE – The course provides the essential tools for managing working groups and personal development. Businesses increasingly need developing a collective, widespread leadership, able to combine the need of taking decisions with the need to listen; the need of letting individuals’ potential emerge with the need of mediating among different requirements. The modern world increasingly needs people who are more able to express themselves and more able to be together. Specifically, the aim of this course is to provide the basic tools to achieve these objectives.

Technology and Innovation