Marzani Stefano | BBS - Bologna Business School


Director of Autonomy Programs Cyngn Adjunct


Stefano holds a Ph.D. in Innovation Management and he is a former professor of “Project and Innovation Management” at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. An entrepreneur by nature, he co-founded leading-edge companies active in Human-Machine Interaction systems and IoT, mostly operating in the automotive sector. Currently, Stefano is coordinating the R&D projects and creating the supporting ecosystem of a Silicon Valley-based company developing an autonomous driving platform. Stefano contributed to 20+ publications and patents and loves to advise talented people. 


We are approaching the Industry 4.0 era: giving connectivity to a very large number of common use objects has not only changed the way we live, but also created a whole new business scenario. Environments that were completely closed to the external world are now ready to exchange information between them and represent a huge source of new business opportunities. The Internet of Things is a mixture of technologies and services that enables this digital transformation that we are seeing exponentially increasing in these years. There is no industry or field that has not been affected by this transformation and there already are many examples of how IoT have completely revolutionized the whole way of thinking at them.