Longo Mariolina | BBS - Bologna Business School


Associate Professor of Management Engineering University of Bologna Core Faculty


Mariolina Longo is Associate Professor of Management Engineering at the Department of Business Sciences of the University of Bologna. Her research focuses on the topics of Business Performance Measurement, Sustainable Industrial Transition and Circular Economy. She teaches Business Management at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna.


CORE COURSE – Every year our society uses the resources that the planet Earth takes about a year and a half to regenerate. This and other empirical evidence of global significance bring the theme of sustainability to the center of the economic, political and social debate. Recent studies show that a sustainability-oriented management approach adopted by some companies leads to a medium-long term competitive advantage over competitors, a success achieved thanks to the ability to innovate the business model and introduce measurement tools to monitor and better manage the value creation process. The course aims to launch a debate on how to introduce sustainability policies and practices within companies.

Executive MBA