Italy Adjunct Professor of Administration and Accounting University of Bologna Adjunct Faculty
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I am a Consultant and Adjunct Professor of New Venture Financing Laboratory at the University of Bologna. After graduation in business administration, I worked as a financial analyst and I learned to deepen the usefulness of the financial statements as a support tool for strategy. Thanks to the important experiences in the consulting field that still accompany the training activity in the company and in the classroom, my teaching approach is strongly oriented towards concreteness and the use of innovative tools. I am interested in the advanced business data analysis tools and I like to put order in the chaos, restructuring and improving the information systems in the company.

I love the dreams that come true and I help many future entrepreneurs to develop their business plans. I am mentor and tutor of some important incubators and accelerators. My greatest interest concerns the search for well-being and inner balance, in fact I believe that only truly aware humans can achieve extraordinary results. I meditate a lot, I practice yoga and I am studying to become a reiki master; my body is free from tension and my head is trained to avoid harmful thoughts. I know who I am and why I am here.


This course focuses on the main components of accounting, budgeting and cost analysis. In addition the course will train students on how to analyze economic-financial forecasts and budgets as well as understand the measurement and interpretation of the economic-financial performance of the company. Calculation and analysis in decision-making, management supervision, strategic control and strategic cost management will also be explored.

Gestione d’Impresa – Made in Italy
Gestione d’Impresa – Food & Wine
Gestione d’Impresa – Retail Management and E-Commerce
Business Management – Asian Markets
Gestione d’Impresa – Green Management and Sustainable Businesses
Business Management – Tourism, Heritage and Events
Business Management – Life Science and MedTech
Gestione d’Impresa – Social and Cooperative Business