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Italy Consultant and Web Strategist Bologna Business School Adjunct
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Alessandra Farabegoli is a consultant and web strategist. After having founded the agency Wafer and directed it for eight years, from 2010 she works as an independent consultant, trainer and in popularizing online marketing, web content strategy and social media strategy. Her blog “Alessandra Farabegoli – a common sense dispenser” offers concrete tools on how to integrate digital culture in one’s own company strategy. She is author of “Surviving the information on Internet – information overload remedies” (Apogeo 2012), “Email marketing with MailChimp”, the first manual in Italian on the most diffused mail services (Apogeo 2013) and “Email marketing in practice” (Apogeo 2014). From 2012 she created the training project Digital Update with Gianluca Diegoli, proposing courses on digital strategy and the use of tools online in all of Italy. She is a lecturer at the IUAV University of San Marino. She lectured, participated as a speaker, was in the moderation panel and was active in numerous other events including Barcamp.