Celaschi Flaviano | BBS - Bologna Business School


Full Professor of Design of the industrial product University of Bologna Core Faculty


Expert in innovation driven by design for companies, organizations and governments. Deals with the design process, founded and coordinates since 2008 the network of the Latin design process and wrote the Turin Charter of design processes. In 2010 he founded and coordinated the research Unit in Advanced Design at Milan Polytechnic.
Former professor of design at the Politecnico di Milano, where he co-founded and directed the first Italian university department of Design (INDIGO) and POLI.Design first research consortium and continuing education of the university in Milan.
Former professor of design at the Politecnico of Turin where he coordinated the study course in Graphic and Virtual Design and has done since 2006, the Pro-rector function.
Work of international innovation dissemination activities. He is currently acting president of the School of Engineering and Archiettura and coordinator of the course in Product and Industrial Design Master’s Degree in Advanced Design at the University of Bologna.


We’re used at recognizing and managing innovation when it’s lead by technology, often though it’s the change of expressive languages and people’s behaviors that generate and guide the change. In addition to this, today innovation hides in the integration of all three these phenomena: we call this process  Design Innovation  and deal with the topic of change, how to manage it, which tools and practices to anticipate and build it.

Business Innovation Design

The immaterial component prevails in today’s business, we talk about product systems: simultaneous integration of communication/services/product and we try to understand what it means to design a service and consistently define its immaterial and analog dimensions, which determine the contemporary phygital condition.

Business Innovation Design

FOCUS SESSION on the issues of design change and the synergy between innovation design and its representation from an Open Innovation perspective (with the upstream and downstream involvement of the traditional and B2B2C production process). What changes in the brand experience? What new relationships and new values ​​drive the construction and narration of a meaningful brand experience? What does it mean to tell about innovation and what tools can we use? How can design – especially participatory design – be useful in the narrative of innovation? The course aims to answer these questions through a mix of theory, practical cases and group exercises in which it will be possible for participants to experiment with co-design tools and methods.

Business Innovation Design