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Antonio Benzi, graduated in Electronic Engineering, Adjunct Professor at the Bologna Business School (Digital Transformation course) is an independent consultant and educator. Antonio built several years of experience (business, entrepreneurial and consulting) in many sectors (both in national and international contexts). He is expert in designing, implementing and improving operating models (with special focus on Lean, Supply Chain, Product & Service Development, Digital Transformation and Change Management). From 2013 till 2019 he worked as Adjunct Professor at the School of Economics, Management and Statistics of the University of Bologna, starting 2022 healso collaborates with Ernst & Young. On his spare time he loves reading and cooking, a way to continue traveling and discovering new cultures.


The value of a digital transformation is to be found in the creation of connected organizations, able to provide goods and services in an increasingly efficient and effective way, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and stakeholders. To support the company Business Model, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, systems are considered, together with the necessary tools to analyze data, in order to guarantee a good decision-making process (Business Intelligence). In addition, tools are provided to understand the software development techniques and the control of the Total Cost of Ownership

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