BBS Master in Data Science and Business Analytics and the job market in Emilia Romagna

5 July 2024

Emilia Romagna, one of the most dynamic and industrialized regions in Italy, offers an ideal setting to put data science and management skills into practice and build a successful career.

Bologna, Italy’s main technological hub thanks to the presence of excellences like the Leonardo supercomputer, fourth in the world for computing power and dedicated to research projects, which makes the Bologna Technopole a true science citadel, is well-connected with the main cities in Emilia and their high-tech companies. Start-ups and cutting-edge research centres are constantly looking for professionals such as Data Scientists, Data Analyst Consultants, and Business Intelligence Managers.

Companies specializing in automotive, manufacturing, and agribusiness, as well as healthcare, e-commerce, and retail, are strongly investing in the search for professionals who can be the company’s connecting points, with skills in business economics, information technology, and speculative analysis on the one hand and managerial skills on the other.

Emilia Romagna boasts an innovation ecosystem that includes incubators, accelerators, and technology clusters that support collaboration between companies, universities, and research institutes, creating a favourable environment for developing new ideas and projects.

In this context, the increasing digitalization of business and the growing importance of data in business strategies lead to a continuous search for qualified professionals.

Start-ups and innovation are the driving transformations even in the financial and banking services area: these institutions are adopting technologies set on data analytics and machine learning to analyze customer behaviour, prevent fraud, manage risks, and develop new financial products.

Finally, the region, thanks to the continuous expansion of the network connecting the technopoles, consisting of 11 infrastructures located in more than 20 sites across Emilia Romagna, is hosting and organizing more specialized activities and services to support business innovation.

The connection between these technological poles of excellence is a source of continuous development of professions related to the high-tech world and data analysis; above all, it leads companies and institutions to seek hybrid figures capable of communicating and leading highly specialized departments.

The international yet locally connected network of Bologna Business School allows students to interact directly with companies in this area. BBS partnerships with leading companies in industry, financial services, consulting, and the public sector enable students to engage directly with the job market and build a unique professional network.

BBS, the city of Bologna, and Emilia Romagna are the best springboards for young professionals trained in the Master in Data Science and Business Analytics, future managers, analysts, and consultants in a rapidly expanding market.


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